Hair Growth Oils For Women

All the benefits of shea butter paired with the antioxidants and microbial fighting power of high quality and rare essential oils all in one bottle:

This is your go to hair and scalp oil.  Promoting a healthy scalp and a maximum growth environment for your hair, this formula has been proven to bring the results you have been searching for.

Directions for Use:  Always seek medical advice before using new products.  Hydration and balanced diets aid greatly in preparing a healthy environment for the growth of your glory. The product is most effective after shampooing and using it 3-4 times a week.
  1. Rub oil in your hands and apply directly to the hair starting at the root and working your way down the shaft to the ends of the hair.
  2. May also be applied directly on the scalp.
  3. Do not overuse. If hair is feeling heavy, wait before re-use or until after your next shampoo.
  4. If irritation occurs, stop use immediately and seek medical attention.