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Guarding Your Safety!

Top Grade, Ethically sourced raw materials and independently tested formulations:

Although additional testing is not required or heavily regulated, we have dedicated the necessary resources to make sure our products are safe and uphold their efficacy standards because we are big on consumer safety, and Spiritual Integrity is one of our non-negotiables. Our integrity is based on Biblical standards of integrity and not solely on industry practices, which can allow what is deemed lawful or ethical negotiated based on situations and circumstances.

We take Beauty of Holiness, International to the airways, streets, hills, mountains, and oceans because this started from the Word of GOD preached at a service at Heavens Harvest Ministries (www.HHMBAM.com) in Alpharetta, GA: where our Pastor, Overseer Thomas A. Pulliam, Sr. was ministering and teaching on growth and asked the powerful question, “What industries do Christians own?”. Thus began the formulation of Beauty of Holiness, International.

We are so glad that you have found us and that we have found you. We do not believe in coincidences, so do not let the opportunity to have a fresh start to your life and your daily routine pass you by… When you have found a treasure that has blessed you, eventually, you must share it with the world: because everyone notices the change you cannot hide! We love you and look forward to serving you soon.

For [we are] not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for it is the power of GOD unto salvation to everyone that believeth: to the Jew first and also to the Greek. (Romans 1:16, KJV)

Our Mission:

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing opportunities for salvation while manufacturing proven and effective
products in the personal care and fashion industries.

Our Vision:

To be the world leader in creating and developing sustainable end to end supply chains of Born-again believer owned businesses and raw materials manufacturers that the Kingdom of God may be enhanced within itself and then abroad

We will accomplish our vision and stay mission focused by adhering to specific Non-Negotiables

  1. Spiritual Integrity : Transparency with integrity according to GOD’s standard; living what we preach.
  2. Good Stewardship :  Being accountable for each other and for what we produce and how we use all our resources:  financial, relational, natural and otherwise; and seeking wise council when needed.
  3. Tithing and Seed Planting :  Returning unto GOD that which is GOD’s and being an active giver in our communities and causes for which we stand.
  4. Talent Investment and Talent Multiplication :  Investing in our education and profession, investing in the future and investing in and multiplying fruitful relationships.
  5. Witty Inventions :  Actively seeking GOD for wisdom for the next direction and solution, studying to show ourselves approved unto GOD.
  6. Continuous Ethical Quality Improvement : Taking no shortcuts to achieve excellence and always striving to learn from the past to provide a better future result.

About The Founder:

Click the video to meet our Founder and Chief Vision Steward, Barbara Gant. After hearing a message from her Pastor, Overseer Thomas, as Pulliam, Sr., one Sunday, in late 2020, Barbara got on her knees to pray and, in that moment, accepted the mission of turning her home-grown body butter lab to a Christian Hair Care and Cosmetic Manufacturing Company. Ms. Gant is the older of 2 children whose parents were Methodist Pastors and Army Chaplains.

A veteran herself, Ms. Gant has a special place in her heart for those who serve GOD and for those who protect and defend the United States of America. Having personally experienced extremely cracked skin and dry hair, most of the butters and hair oils you use were first used by Barbara Gant and her family. As a born-again believer, Ms. Gant continues to spread GOD’s love through the message of Salvation by Jesus Christ. Her goal is to fulfil the missions GOD has given her and to advance GOD’s kingdom on Earth by developing real and progressive Kingdom Partnerships.

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